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Al Lewis a'r Band
Al Lewis Band

Al Lewis is a singer-songwriter from North Wales whose sound is reminiscent of the classic singer-songwriters of the 70s delivered with a modern twist. His debut English language album ‘In the Wake’ was nominated for the inaugural Welsh Music Prize. It all began back in 2007 when Al co-wrote and performed the song Llosgi (Burning) on the televised Cân i Gymru competition, winning the songwriters category and coming second overall. Al Lewis Band has gone from strength to strength over the past few years, not only with his Welsh language music, but also with radio stations like Radio 2. His latest album, Heulwen o Hiraeth, was release earlier this year


Al Lewis is a Welsh singer and songwriter. He is well known in the Welsh language media, after he came second in the Cân i Gymru contest in 200 Some people can effortlessly compose melodic songs that audiences will lap up. Others can sing beautifully with no effort. ‘Ar Gof a Chadw’, Al Lewis’s latest album proves that some people have it all.


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