The award winning Young Promoters Scheme works with groups of children and young people taking them through the process of becoming the promoters for an event in their community.

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"The whole scheme was very straightforward. Everything was clearly explained. The support we had from the Arts Council staff team was superb ...The young people were extremely proud of what they had achieved. They have grown in skill and confidence and can't wait to do it again"  Sharon Campbell  Colwyn Bay Youth Centre

The Night Out Young Promoters Scheme is an ideal way of giving practical skills to children and young people and improving the relationship between young people and their schools and their local community.


Operating since 2005, the scheme has worked with hundreds of children and young people aged between 7 and 18 throughout Wales, giving them the unique experience of organising and enjoying a performing arts event in their local hall.

Projects involve a facilitator, working alongside a teacher or youth leader to enable a group of young people to experience the "behind the scenes" work that goes into organising an event.  Though a series of workshop sessions groups are taken through aspects of Box Office, Front of House, Stage Management and Marketing / publicity and Sponsorship.  The Young Promoters get to make all the decisions - and do all the work!

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Groups are able to have fun as part of a creative learning process and to develop personal, social and work related skills.

When run in schools, the scheme can be utilised to deliver specific  elements of the national curriculum since it includes aspects of literacy, ICT, mathematics, numeracy, art and design and event management.

"Immense gratitude for this experience, a great experience not only for the young people involved but for the wider community. The audience appreciated the event a great deal." Judith Humphreys Cofis Bach Caernarfon.

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Young people are given a chance to be responsible, reliable, creative and trusted and to work within a team, making their individual contribution at a level with which they feel comfortable. 

The scheme also helps develop audiences by inviting local communities to attend performances.  The groups promote the show and encourage their families, friends and neighbours to attend, giving them the opportunity to be involved in the project and experience something new and different. 

Promoter groups based in schools help to enhance the pivotal role of the school within the community, engendering a community spirit amongst pupils and parents.  The Scheme also provides access to high quality live arts for communities, which is particularly pertinent in rural areas and areas of social deprivation where facilities may be scarce.

Opportunities can arise for connections with local theatres or attractions which may be able to provide backstage tours and opportunities to see other performances.

Community Partnerships

Schemes have successfully developed partnerships between groups within a community- often linking local police, schools, businesses, development agencies, housing associations and community leaders. 

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Funding: Night Out is looking for partners and funding to provide the scheme on a more formal basis across wider areas of Wales.

What we need from potential promoter groups are:

A committed and dedicated group ranging from 5 - 30 members.

At least one  group leader to be the key link person between the Night Out facilitator and the group.

A venue space where the group would like the performance to be held.

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Project partners don't need to have had any previous experience of putting on an event. The scheme empowers promoter groups to take responsibility for promoting professional theatre chosen to suit their potential audience.

"This scheme is excellent as it gives young people and other community groups the opportunity to volunteer on projects which benefit not only themselves but their communities". Julie Thomas Saltney Youth Centre


If you would like to know more about the Young Promoters Scheme please contact Peter Gregory or Hilary Farr on 02920 441340 or email enquiry@nightout.org.uk

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