Listed below is the information we will need from a company wishing to be considered for touring. A copy can be downloaded here


Minimum Performance Space required:                                

Most venues average 5m x 5m. Some are 3m x 3m! Think small scale, the bigger your show, the fewer opportunities there are of getting booked.  Some of our venues have low ceilings; therefore it is essential that you include a minimum height requirement.

Running time of performance:


Often essential. It can be hard to sell shows without one - promoters rely on a raffle or interval refreshments to raise money.

No. of performers:

Get in time:

Get out time:


Do you bring one? How much space will it take up?

PA & Lighting:

Many halls do not have lighting or PA. We normally are interested in companies that can provide these as part of the package. Audiences do need to be able to see and hear you and deserve some atmosphere at their events.


What do you require?  Be warned, not every village hall has a lot of sockets or 3 phase circuits.

Young Promoter by Kiran Ridley


Promoters need A5 flyers and A4 posters with a blank space big enough for promoters to overprint or add stickers. Are you able to offer other marketing support to help sell the show?

Is your show available to preview/on the web? Where can we see you? Do you have a DVD, links to other work or YouTube clips?

Target audience: Age/Specialism

Have you previous reviews of your work? 

Special Requirements:

E.g. blackout, require smoke alarms turned off etc. If you do have smoke at any point in the performance advise the promoters beforehand.


Per show/for a run. Tell us if you're VAT registered. Does the cost include accommodation etc?


We would expect performers to arrange their own accommodation and include the costs in their fees.  Promoters may be able to recommend local B&Bs and a few are able to "put performers up"

Insurance / Safety:

Do you have the right to work in the UK?

Do you have public liability insurance?

Can you supply a risk assessment?

Have you toured with other touring schemes? Please tell us, we can get references or tell us who we can chat to about your work.

Still interested? 

Then please send us information about your company and show to enquiry@nightout.org.uk   or ring us on 02920 441340

Stickleback Plasticus photo by Kiran Ridley